Jan 1, 2006

Its time!

It's 12:02. The new year is here! I'm getting excited about this Photo a Day project.

The goal of this project is to post one photo a day for the entire year. My reason for this project is to become more creative and to learn to be a better photographer. Hopefully this will happen as I look for new ways to do things and experiment to keep the project exciting.

I won't take a photo every day, I'm more of a weekend photog. Some photos will be newly processed as I learn more about Photoshop, and some may just be photos I have taken in the past that I especially like.

And now it begins :)


  1. Hi Faye,

    I'm a little late in here, but just wanted to wish you a very Happy New Year! It's great to see an Oregon PaD and I'm enjoying what you've done so far (up to day 7 as I write this).

    Love the Bastendorff Beach entry, as well as seeing and reading about your post-processing explorations.

    Well, happy 2006 to you!

    Amy (puzzled)
    My PaD is listed in the DPC thread - I don't think my Blog profile is activated.

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