Feb 24, 2006

Of Cell Phones and Vagina Monologues

I got a new cell phone today with lots of foofoos. I probably will never figure out most of them or use them if I do. How often will I check my email, take a photo or play an MP3? Guess I'll find out.

My daughter and I went to see the play The Vagina Monologues tonight. I have mixed feelings about it. It was funny and sad and wonderful and horrible and disturbing and comforting. The proceeds went to our local domestic violence shelter so it was for a great cause. The main purpose of these plays that are performed all over the world in February each year is to make people more aware of violence against women and it certainly does that. There was a big turnout and I was suprised that a lot of them were men.

Oh, umm and I'm not expecting anyone to comment on a photo with the word vagina in the title LOL

It was an eventful day :)


  1. This is awesome! How did you do this? I would assume hills and hills of post editing. :)

    I don't mind commenting on vaginas. I have one myself. I'd like to see the Monologues. I doubt they will come to my town.

  2. Nita, this wasn't hard at all. I just took a photo of my cell phone menu. I didn't like how it looked so I applied an "artistic effect" in PSP. This one is called Colored Edges. Just a one click deal.

    The monologues don't come to your town. All the performers were just local women. Someone just has to decide to do it and get a group together.

  3. That's quite a menu. I didn't realize what it was. Clever idea anyway.

  4. Well I will say this, as a man I have no problem with the word Vagina and I am completely against domestic violence both with men and women.

    I will say this though, how accepted would a play named the Penis Monologs be? Double standards shouldn't be but we know they are so I guess we just deal with them; we don't have to like it though.

    I hope whatever was disturbing about the show was over with quickly and you and your daughter can move on.

    Your photography is wonderful, focus (no pun intended) on what you love and everyday will be lovely.

    The journey is the destination.


  5. It took me a while to figure out this was your cell phone screen. Nice job.

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