Apr 7, 2006

Photographing the Photographer

I don't know what kinda camera she had but it was a big one.


  1. Droooool - that looks like a 4x5 mebbe.

  2. Wonder what it would take for you Photographers to have the absolutely, perfect camera? But then, once you got it, a newer, faster, better capabilities would come out.

  3. I was out shooting with one of these all morning. It's a 4x5 (large format) view camera. They have amazing capabilities but also are a huge pain to use. I shot 11 sheets of film in about 3 hours.

    You can correct or distort perspective, and change the plane of focus because there are two planes you can tilt and shift.

    Usually you need a black cloth to put over your head so you can see and focus the ground glass (where the image is displayed)... lemme tell you shooting in the plains of Illinois with constant 30-40 mph winds it's hard keeping that stupid cloth on your head!