May 21, 2006

A Rose is a Rose

Ok I need some opinions. If you were going to frame one of these rose photos, which one would it be? Is there one you think is really bad?

Multi Background

Antique Rose

Rose on White

Rose on Black

Thanks :)


  1. My vote goes to the one with the black background, if you could take down the highlights a little I think it'd be even better.

  2. Have to agree with jon... the black backgrounds are my top picks too. I think I like antique best, but both are good.

  3. My favourites are antique rose and rose on white...all are beautiful!

  4. They are all nice. The rose on white...that would be perfect for the inspiration type words. I can almost see the script now. :)

    For framing just the flower, I love the rose on black.

  5. Antique first, then black background. Maybe clone the dark rose out ... especially the antique one ... looks relatively simple to do.

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