Jul 17, 2006


This is my silly 7 year old grandson, Raymon aka Raymers. Yesterday we drove up the beautiful Umpqua River and stopped at the Colliding Rivers Wayside. The Umpqua River and Little River meet head on at this location. It is the only spot in the US where this happens.

In front of the beautiful rivers and the gorgeous trees sat this garbage can overflowing and topped with a drinking cup. I'm sure most visitors would have seen this as something to mar the beauty of the scene, but, of course, a photographer would see it as a PHOTO OPPORTUNITY!

This is my daughter, Christy, doing her own game show model impersonation.


  1. LOL! Fun shots, but the people responsible for looking after the area aren't doing a very good job!

  2. FAYE!! I can't see any of your fotos. Did something happen??? Not even a little red x.

  3. !! LOL :)

    At least people are using the trash bin instead of just tossing it any old where. Time for Ranger Rick to make his rounds though.

    Great expressions, I love the photos! :)

  4. Nita, I wonder why. Since others see the photos it must be something in your settings?

  5. They're back tonight. I don't know what happened.

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