Jul 29, 2006

I'm Back

Portland is a HUGE city with lots and lots of traffic and I got lost almost every time I left my hotel. Mapquest directions didn't help a lot but I did have a map that got me back to my room every time I got lost. :) Actually by day 3 I didn't need the map to get from my hotel to the training. It was an interesting trip and I learned a lot more about OracleBI Discoverer Plus: Analyze Relational and OLAP Data 1.0 than I ever knew there was to learn.

I was disappointed with the Oregon Zoo. There is so much more to see at The Wildlife Safari and that is only 4 miles from me. Plus there are waaaaaaaay less people.

I did get to the Butterfly garden but it was so crowded I couldn't get near a butterfly. I'm not pleased with the shots I got but here's one.


  1. I'm glad you're back. Sorry the trip to the Butterfly garden was so crowded. Summer at the Portland Zoo...I can just imagine.

  2. Welcome back!!

    Very beautiful shot Faye!