Sep 21, 2006

Unexpected Rural Charm

I've learned that when I go on a photo excursion often the best shot of the day I got only because I stopped to shoot something else. Today I drove up a country road and saw an old barn I wanted to shoot. I pulled off on the closest wide spot which happened to be by a farmers gate across the road from the barn. I got some decent shots of the barn and started to get back in my car when I noticed this old wagon wheel sitting next to a fence right beside my car. I would never have noticed this just driving by. The thistles were a bonus.

I'll post the barn photo another day.

Thanks unknown farmer. You made my day and my shot.


  1. Fabulous Shot!
    Photo of the day is a great idea.
    Teri (photo hobbyist)

  2. I think, you are a great photographer

  3. Faye, this looks like the start of a great notecard series.
    I really like the earthy tones.
    This is picture perfect.

  4. Terrific, Awesome! I love this pic! Not to give away any of your secrets, but did you use any special processing to achieve the “painting” effect? Don’t tell me if you have to kill me afterwards! :-)

  5. Faye, this one is outstanding. Exceptional! I agree with all the other comments.

  6. Oooh! Lovely! Such great tones here.