Dec 16, 2006

American Bald Eagle

I was in the right place at the right time again today. This beautiful wild eagle was sitting on this dead tree right next to the road. I snapped photos for about 15 minutes, hoping to catch him taking off but I finally had to leave and he was still sitting there. There was another eagle sitting across the road and they were calling to one another.

American Bald Eagle


  1. Such an impressive posture! You sure are in the right place at the right time A LOT! Another great photo.

  2. as promised, here is a check in from Iceland. Hope your grandson gets a kick out of this country :)
    very impressive picture too.
    Since I have problems comenting on a beta blogger account, I hope this somehow gets through :)

  3. Beautiful shot. Your list of equipment is impressive. You have them in the car at all times??

  4. Hi Faye,

    Had to drop by to check out your photos after you kind remarks in my journal. You certainly live in beautiful area, and do a wonderful job capturing images of it.

    We don't get many bald eagles up here, so it's always nice to see them captured so well :)


  5. Hi Faye
    What a great capture. No eagles here but they are wonderful looking birds. :)

  6. superbe b&w. il est noble et tres fier. bravo

    superb b&w. it is noble and very proud. cheer

  7. nice shot, you really have to be ready and when that right time and right place pops up take advantage, especially when dealing with wildlife, beautiful b&w shot!

  8. Eagle is really fascinating bird. Especially this kind is good looking too. Nice steady image. You will have many other chance to catch him taking off.
    I think this is good use of B&W.

  9. Minka, thanks. My grandson was excited to see Iceland our the list of countries. We'll research it this evening. :)

    Kate, I don't have my big camera bag in the car at all times. Mostly weekends. I have a small one that holds just a couple lenses that I usually take.

    Mike, thanks for stopping by :)

    Renee you can comment again :) Did you switch to the beta?

    Olivier, thanks. Your comments are always so appreciated :)

    Corey, thanks. I was certainly excited when I saw him sitting there.

    Ben, thanks. I hope to get a good shot of one in flight some day.

  10. Awesome shot, Faye. I'm so impressed with your ability to get that special photo and be in the right place at the right time. I feel like so many times for me its shoulda, woulda, coulda...=regrets.