Dec 14, 2006

Name The Rock

A few weeks ago Olivier had a “name the sculpture” contest. I was one of the winners and received a beautiful postcard from Evry (thanks Olivier). Olivier also suggested that the winner have a similar contest and this post is in response to his suggestion.

This is a rock on the Oregon coast. The first one who can tell me the name of this rock will receive a postcard from Oregon.

The Rock


  1. en cherchant sur internet, j'ai trouve deux noms (mais pas sur du tout) alors je vais tenter "Seal Rock".
    Ta photo a un cote tranquille, reposant, avec cet horizon infini.

    while seeking on Internet, I have find two names then (but not on whole) I will try “Seal Rock”. Your photo A a quiet dimension, resting, with this infinite horizon.

  2. How about Haystack Rock. Thanks to your query, I'm learning a bit more about the Oregon Coast. Never knew it was so rocky.

    PS. I reworded the narrative on my post today (poinsettia plant) so that it is clearer.

  3. having trouble leaving comments ms pekas!! grrr!!

    it looks like a head to me, tilting back in the water. i can clearly see the chin, lips nose and cheek bones...can you? great angle fayeness.

    also i found some photos of barns!! check and scroll down


  4. Faye, Hope you're safe and sound. Weather reported on CNN this am re. the Pacific Northwest is not good. Hope your area was lucky!

  5. Isn't the graduating horizontal gray of the water a wonderful sight? And the rock sticking out in the foreground, more shades of gray, but thrusting upright?

    This photo pleased my eyes this morning, Faye.

  6. I'm with Kate on this one...has to be Haystack Rock.
    Another wonderful photo!!

  7. For all my time in the Oregon coastal area I can't remember the name of this formation.
    I think I would name it The Mermaid or The Siren up from the Sea.

  8. pod, sorry for your commenting troubles. A lot of folks are having issues so I'm sure they are working on the problem. Thanks for the link to the old barn photos! I went there and they are fantastic! She also has a picture of her little girl dancing that absolutely stole my heart.

    Kate, we are fine. Thanks for your concern. We had a lot of wind last night but no damage. Oh and I miss your icon :)

    My sister, Nita, who comments as anonymous, lives in Coos Bay and I'll bet it got bad there. Nita?

    Thanks everyone for your comments. I won't post the answer until tonight.

  9. seagull island? bird island?
    i want the prize! i want the prize!

  10. I think it should be called "Looking up" I can see what looks like a face looking up to the right, see it?

  11. Since I recognize the rock immediately, I won't guess. :) I've read a couple of interesting observations here.

    We faired ok here. I lost a section of my roof, but kept power and no downed trees in my vacinity. Sounds like most of the damage was in Washington. Nita

  12. "Lead me to the Rock that is higher than I".