Jan 10, 2007

A Broken Building and a Mystery

When I was out exploring last weekend, I discovered this beautiful broken down building. It is amazing and I plan to go back out and do more shooting. The mystery is what was this building used for? Its made of brick so I doubt it was built for a tool shed. Its too small to have been a house yet it has plumming. Its in the middle of a field next to a sawmill but I'm sure the building came before the mill.

Maybe I'll try to sneak into the field and get a better look next time.



  1. Cool looking house.. :)
    I took a photo of an old chimney in the middle of a forest area.. Wanted to do your outhouse treatment to it but not sure how you did that!! I thought your shot it was soo cool.. This is also a great shot.. :)

  2. Cool shot and I too now want to know what this little house was used for!! :o)

  3. i seem to be following talj everywhere today!! haha!!

    another nice shot faye. i like this series and yours is one of my first stops when i do my PAD rounds.

    i cant wait until you change subjects though. i want to see what else is in your photographic repertoire! :)



  4. belle photo, j'aime beaucoup cette maison qui se noie dans la foret derriere elle.

    beautiful photograph, I like much this house which drowns in the drill behind it.

  5. I love the character of the building. Maybe it was some type of caretakers place to stay while the mill was in operation.
    Hope you can find out the history behind it.

  6. What no cows..?

    Great location. There's lots of potential here...


  7. Cool, I know my Dad "Salty Dawg" will like this shot.

  8. A one room schoolhouse for one child? Nah, probably not.

    You do make the greatest finds, Faye.

    DId you get covered with snow today?

  9. I stumbled onto your site from a guy on my blogroll. You have some amazing pictures. I grew up close to some abandoned houses and cars out in the country, so this picture really took me back! I am linking you today!