Jan 18, 2007

More Snow At The Coast

More snow on the beach but it doesn't show up too well in this shot. You can see the Yaquina Head Lighthouse in the distance. This is near Newport, Oregon.
Beach and Snow

This shot isn't artistic but shows snow on the sand dunes. Another amazing thing.
Snow on Dunes


  1. Love seeing the snow on the sand dunes, Faye!

    We have a little bit now. It's been a really crazy winter here in our province but now we're getting some winter weather finally.

  2. i have to say faye that these ones are disappointing after your last shots. the top one is good, but i'm finding the foreground plants distracting.

    i agree that snow on sand dunes must be an amazing thing to see!


  3. Snow on the Oregon beaches - amazing! This was really fun to see. Wish I could be there right now. By the way, sorry to jam in two comments in one post, but have to race to work: the Crater lake shot was beautiful!

  4. Now that must be weird, snow on the beach just shouldn't happen! Thanks for sharing these! :o)

  5. Love the 1st shot, very nice

  6. tres belles photos, avec une preference pour la premiere

    very beautiful photographs, with a preference for the first

  7. The snow on the dunes is really something. When our kids were younger we would ride the dune buggies near Florence and have a ball. I never thought of snow there.

  8. Faye,

    I'm enjoying all of your shots, even if just to see what your part of the world looks like.

    There is something on both these images for me. The first one has a different composition with the water breaking up the beach.

    I think the bland sky in the second image detracts from the interesting details and conflict of sand & snow . I like to see this one with the sky cropped out.

  9. Oh my what a great beach picture in the top one. Breathtaking.

  10. Great composition on the first shot....love the grass in the foreground.