May 24, 2007

Trees 'n' Things

On our way to Crater Lake, my friend, Darlene and I saw some strange trees. The first one we noticed we dubbed the Boob Tree for obvious reasons. :)

Boob Tree

In one area there were many trees that were twisted and broken. I would imagine a huge wind storm came through and did a lot of damage.

Broken Trees

Later in the day I discovered a wonderful old hollow tree. As I sat and looked at it I kept seeing some movement like small birds flitting around the base of the tree but couldn't figure out what it was. I watched for awhile and finally around dusk my curiosity got the best of me and I crept closer to see what was there.

Hollow Tree

And lo and behold........

Fairy Tree



  1. These are some nice shots. I like what you did with the last one.

  2. Faye, you pulled me right in. Great job of weaving a mystery.
    Love the boob tree...

  3. Love the boob tree as well. And amazing, those fairies are so cool. How did you get them to stand still when you took their picture?


  4. This is great, Faye. I'm so glad you crept back around dusk. :)

  5. oh i see! i was worried there for a minute!
    look ast the faery folk! i am sure i saw them this weekend up in the mountains!

  6. Great fun, these two...Your photos are great. sandy

  7. LMAO... that is one cool boob tree faye.... nature sure does have a sense of humor...

    your photos are beautiful!