Jun 27, 2007

Dead, Dried 'n' Done

I'm back home. The road from Salem to Silverton must have the most beautiful farm land in Oregon or other parts unknown. Gorgeous countryside. I got tons and tons of shots.

I have a lot of work to do sorting and editing but here is a quick edit on one before I'm head off to bed.

I think this little piece of land next to the old barn was the only spot I saw that didn't have crops growing. The farmer must have decided not to plant this area this year but all around it was lush with crops.

This Crop Is Done

I'll have to wait to visit your blogs tomorrow. Off to bed for now.


  1. As I returned to St. Paul from Wisconsin, I frequently thought of you as I looked at all the rural scenes. I had planned to stop to take a few side trips, but the need to get back home kept me driving--5 hours is tedious, tho. Your photo today looks so much of what I saw on the drive. Yours is much better tho!

  2. encore une superbe composition, j'aime beaucoup l'harmonie des couleurs entre le sol et la maison et au milieu cet arbre verdoyant qui casse cette harmonie. bravo

    still a superb composition, I like much the harmony of the colors between the ground and the house and in the medium this tree green which breaks this harmony. cheer

  3. Hi Faye
    Great shots. Haven't been blogging this month so I am finally catching up... Love the wedding shots!! Great job. Your rural images are well what can I say... Awesome.... :) :) Aloha
    Renee :)

  4. Another lovely image Faye!

  5. Another great shot, Faye. I'm looking forward to seeing all of your others.

    When Sue and I come to visit, teach us to see with your eyes. ok? Nita

  6. U are back!!!! :)
    pretty ...waiting to see all those shots that u have collected...

  7. Kate you're back! I'll be over in a bit to see what you brought back with you.

    Olivier, I like the tree breaking up the browns and golds too. Thanks.

    Renee!! So happy to see you are back. Been missing your posts :)

    Ash, thats so much.

    Nita, of course, when you and Sue get over here I'll take you to all my favorite shooting spots. I still want to get over to shoot your "bridge to nowhere" too.

    Hi Chad, I keep checking to see if you are posting again. Its really sweet of you to keep coming by and commenting even when you aren't posting to your blog.

    Moi, Happy Birthday!!

  8. oops... Ash, THANKS so much, not thats so much lol

  9. Glad your back and with lots of goodies to share...

    I like this one a lot.