Jun 12, 2007

A Fun Surprise

I don't know how I manage it but I really do seem to be in the right place at the right time often when I'm taking pictures. But then again, maybe its that I'm out taking pictures so often I HAVE to be in the right place at the right time occasionally.

Anyway, the story here... I went to have lunch with my sisters and a cousin last Saturday and the photos I've been posting since then were taking during that trip to Myrtle Point, Oregon.

I got to town a little early so I drove around and decided to take a street named Ash that turned into a country road. I stopped along the road to take a picture of an old fence post with daisies and wild roses around it...


... and suddenly a head popped up from the tall grass in the area.


I was pleased and surprised to discover a curious horse staring at me.


He/she stared at me a long time allowing me to take lots of shots of the horses head in the daisy patch.

Look back at the first photo and you can see the horse hidden in the grass but I didn't discover that until I got home and downloaded the photos. Did you see him the first time?


  1. Nope, I was so busy looking at the fence post that he just blended in to the daisies.
    Wonderful surprise and a beautiful horse. Since he has his gear on someone must have been riding him.
    I think you have a charmed photoblog.

  2. beau coup d'oeil, car sur la premiere photo je ne l'avais meme pas remarque. Il est superbe noye dans ce champs

    beautiful glance, bus on the first photograph I did not have it same step notices. It is superb noye in this fields

  3. OH my gosh..so beautiful..What a great scene. sandy

  4. Really a good shot ! This horse looks like a muppet.

  5. What a lovely surprise indeed, Faye!

    The grass and daisies are so high, the horse must be so happy!

    Lovely capture.

    My PAD and
    Guelph Daily Photo

  6. I love those photo moments! I am sure you were thrilled and the pics are lovely and serene.

  7. Well-presented Faye. Love how the horses come closer and closer!

  8. I didn't see him at first LOL!

  9. So cute!! What lovely shots and defnitely a right place at the right time moment! :o)

  10. I agree that you ALWAYS seem to have those right place and right time moments. :)

    I've long believed that the need draws the answer to itself. For you, it has to be God's desire that his creation be photographed, and you, with the "need" to do just, that become the answer. Anyway...you did it again. :)

  11. Beautiful, Faye....and you are so right abt "to be in the right place at the right time"..thats a lot of rights ....but more than two rights dont make a wrong, u see!!! ;)

    Love the way u have captured him emerging ..and isn't he a beauty!!!
    Thanx for bringing such beauty to my world through your pics, Faye:)

  12. These photos put a great big smile on my face. You should see it!

  13. The second time around was the charm for me. Nope, I needed to surf backwards. Again, charming grand-daughter should love this one when she arrives today to "chill out with Nana!"

  14. What a lovely series of shots. The last one with the horse closer and peering over the flowers is truly delightful.

  15. I had to scroll back up to the first pic to see it. Great series of shots Faye. This would look really nice in a three way frame in a long hallway. (Any chance of a sale here?) :-)

  16. I can see it only now that you point it out. Great shots.