Jun 21, 2007

Meet Kevin and Mary

Some friends got married today and I was thrilled to be asked to shoot the wedding. It was a casual wedding in a country park many miles from civilization and love was absolutely in the air. Just by watching them together it is obvious how much in love they are.

Kevin and Mary are good people, beautiful both inside and out.

I got permission to post a couple shots here but I couldn't decide, as usual, so here are my favorites.

Kevin and mary1

Kevin and Mary2

Kevin and Mary3

Kevin and Mary4

Kevin and Mary5

Kevin and Mary6


  1. c'est beau l'amour. belles photos d'un insouciant amour. Je te souhaite un bon weekend

    it is beautiful the love. beautiful photographs of a carefree love. I wish you a good weekend

  2. Aww....so sweet!
    Wonderful photos Faye.

  3. These are wonderful. I can see how you had a hard time choosing! :) I should have done the flip flop and sandals thing...I would have saved a bundle!

    Have a good weekend Faye...

  4. What a delightful wedding!! I can't imagine a bride looking lovelier than she does, in her fresh pretty dress, casual footwear and daisies. They look so happy. Who needs all that fancy stuff???
    Beautiful photos!

  5. Nice photos Faye...Looks like a nice, fun wedding.

  6. Isn't love grand? They are such a beautiful couple. And the pictures are fantastic!

  7. Great shots Faye. A definite departure from your usual stuff but a nice addition to your portfolio.

  8. Faye, those photos are wonderful! I love her bouquet! Well, everything about the wedding, I love. And he doesn't even have a suit jacket on! Great stuff!

  9. Faye!! These are beautiful and simple..that's what I like..simply beautiful..thanks for sharing. sandy

  10. I agree with what everyone else has said. I know they must have been so pleased with their wedding photos. You were the perfect photographer. You captured the very spirit of this couple and their vows. I would like them both, I know.

    You are a good friend. (and a good sister friend). :)

  11. Beautiful photos! Congratulations to this lovely couple!

  12. Congratulations to the newly weds.......and very pretty pics too. this 25th it will be 6 months for me down the marriage line.....and i still feel like i'm living in the honeymoon mode...the wedding pics remind me that i have to post a few on my blog too :)

  13. I can't believe she's wearing tongs! This couldn't be in France, EVER!

    I wish them a very happy life together. Your photos are beautiful, Kate !

  14. Definitely the bottom one. Great set, though.

  15. No, wait, the second last one. Yes, definitely.

  16. All your pictures are lovely and these ones are particularly lovely

    I like this couple so simple
    What we see is only their love
    And not expensive wedding

    On the photograph you show today they are not at their best, I find
    All these ones are better...