Jun 24, 2007

Rusty in Remote

Some of you may remember when I posted this old car in Remote, Oregon before. I stopped and got another shot last time I went by. A lot more grass in the area but still a great old car.. and barn. Plus, everywhere you look this time of year you get the blackberry vines.

Rusty and Abandoned


  1. la voiture fantôme, belle photo

    the phantom car. beautiful photograph

  2. Excellent shot. Great mix of colors, textures and composition. I love it!

  3. oh wow, the grass has grown so much taller.....(just finished checking the old post)....and i love cars from 60's . my neighbor has this old 70's Impala in almost the same color as this one and it's the constant envy of my husband ....:)
    great shot!!!

  4. Lovely image, I am always amazed at how interesting you make these buildings and scenes :o)