Jun 23, 2007

Pink Door Delight

Today I drove up Willis Creek Road out of a tiny community called Dillard, Oregon. I was looking for an old cemetery I remembered from years ago. I think I got my roads mixed up because I never did find the cemetery but instead found this delightful old building.... WITH A PINK DOOR!

Is this a great old building or what?

Pink Door

Pink Door2

It looks like the door was blue at one time.
Pink Door3


  1. oh it is...i think the door matched the window color initially only to be painted pink later....celebrating a little boy and a girl ;)

  2. I love that someone went out of their way to do that! I am so glad you captured this.

  3. Very good, I like this image in composition(2nd one) and lighting (all of them).

    The first shot gives me this thought that If I open that door, whole building collapse and I just standing at front holding door knob.

  4. I would have fallen in love with this place just like you did. How enchanting! Your photos are wonderful.

  5. Great location for a photoshoot of any kind.

    Kind of creepy though ;)

  6. Oh, this is great. What a wonderful mind to paint a pink door....over blue, of course.

    I absolutely love this old building!!

  7. Great series you got.. I kind of like that pink door. That is cool.. sandy

  8. I wonder why pink...intriguing!!

  9. I like this old building and pink door. Sompun' different.