Jun 16, 2007

Young Eagles

This is another multiphoto post but I need them all to tell the whole story here.

The Young Eagles Program is a nationwide program that provides free airplane rides for children. Over a million kids have "experienced the thrill of flight" because of generous local pilots who donate their planes and their time.

Today my grandson, Raymon, got to experience this thrill. Three children get to go up on each flight and today 45 kids were scheduled.

This is Raymon (looking only a little nervous)and the pilot, Larry Durst.

After everyone was registered and accounted for, the kids were loaded on to the plane...
flight loading

...and buckled in and ready to go...
flight kids

After a short taxi down the runway...
flight taxied

...they lifted off
flight lift off

This lovely lady is Maxine Durst, wife of the pilot. While the kids were in the air, Maxine explained the program to the parents, talked about the flight and answered questions.
flight maxine

The flight was exactly 20 minutes and part of the flight was over Wildlife Safari where they could view the larger animals.

The plane returned right on time...
flight return

...and the children returned happily displaying their flight certificates.
flight certificates

Thanks so much for your kindness and generousity Larry and Maxine.
Larry Durst

Larry and Maxine and any of the other parents who come to look at the photos, please feel free to download any pictures you would like.


  1. Moving moment, that children seems to appreciate a lot, specially the one with the grey T-Shirt

  2. Wow, how exciting! I can see smile on the face of those kids especially when it flew over the wild-safari.

  3. Faye, these are great. All were telling the story, but I especially liked the ones of Larry and Maxine. Wonderful captures.

    Is Raymon still talking about his flight? :) The kids (and mostly parents and grandparents)are very brave. lol Nita

  4. These are wonderful...each and every one.

    Have a good week Faye....

  5. What a great opportunity for the children! Excellent photojournalism as well

  6. What a great series of photographs and the story to go with it. That was so wonderful and the shot of the plane in the air...just beautiful faye..so enjoyable...sandy

  7. What an exciting time for the kids. There aren't too many kids that ever get to fly in a small plane and have such special attention.
    Your photojournalism really does this story justice.

  8. The pictures and journalism were wonderful.You really captured Larry's personality. He seems like a nice Grampa kind of guy.

  9. Beautiful, Faye....I'm back here almost after a week and love the latest images u have to share with us ......loved the way u have captured the delight of kids and the look on Larry's face is so kindly.......beautiful....

  10. What a great story! Raymon looks like a great kid and Larry must be an incredibly patient and understanding man.

  11. What a wonderful experience: I loved reading about it!

  12. What a great adventure! You did a interesting reportage.