Jul 1, 2007

...as we walk in fields of gold...

They walked along listening to the singing of the brightly colored birds and looking at the lovely flowers which now became so thick that the ground was carpeted with them. There were big yellow and white and blue and purple blossoms, besides great clusters of poppies, which were so brilliant in color they almost dazzled Dorothy's eyes.

"Aren't they beautiful?" the girl asked, as she breathed in the spicy scent of the bright flowers.

"I suppose so," answered the Scarecrow. "When I have brains, I shall probably like them better."

"If I only had a heart, I should love them," added the Tin Woodman.

"I always did like flowers," said the Lion. "They seem so helpless and frail. But there are none in the forest so bright as these."

~The Wizard of Oz~

Poppys artsy



  1. Wow....Simply gorgeous and I love the dialogue from Wizard of Oz to accompany it. Perfect.

  2. Ce champs est magnifique, une couleur infine, j'adore
    This fields is splendid, a color infine, I love

  3. from purple, to pristine white to this explosion of yellow......its been like we are covering rainbow piecemeal :)))
    Beautiful, Faye. and isn't wizard of oz just about the most perfect fantasy :)

  4. As usual Faye, great photographs. You have the "eye." and I don't mean evil...hehe..

  5. Oh my gosh!!! Now that is a field of poppies... It must have been just amazing to see that many flowers... You have captured some beautiful shots... :)

  6. Simply beautiful...gladdens the heart!

  7. I am totally speechless! :)

    I love these shots....and they make me smile!

    Hope you had a Happy 4th!