Jul 11, 2007

Editing.. sorta

I have been working on the photos of the wedding I shot a couple weeks ago and am almost finished.

I've been trying some new things but I don't know how well people will like my playing around. I need some opinions. Can you tell me which of these you like and/or don't like?

Thanks :)

Img_9803f copy

Img_9803 haze




  1. I prefer the upper one (color and sharpen) and after, the sepia one.

  2. The second one, blurred, is my least favorite. I'm not sure why, as I know that's a favored technique for weddings. You'd definitely want number 1. And then both b and w and sepia are really nice.

    Not a lot of help here, huh? :)

  3. i am not very keen on the blurred one ...my fav. will be the sepia one.....i liked the BNW and the first one too.....but sepia will stay with me ...it has timeless quality to it. my 2 cents :)

  4. I like the top one best--looks 3-D, and the pose is so modern, I like it best in color.

  5. I like the sepia one. There is more defination and the brides neck line has more shadow so it doesn't look as thick, which I know its not.
    The blurry is the least favorite, nothing wrong with it but it just doesn't pop.

  6. Black and white works best for me! Definitely! It really stood out as I scrolled through the shots! :o)

  7. I prefer the sepia. I'm not distracted by the background and it tones his shirt down. I feel I can focus better on their expressions.

    The color version is ok, but I might like it better toning down the yellow in the leaves, take the cyan out of his shirt and darken the highlights (on shadow/highlights if you use Photoshop). The blurred version would be good if you could keep their faces in focus. The b&w seems a little harsh.

  8. I like original(?) colour on top and B&W.

    Soft tone version is little bit too much, try reduce the effect a little. Somewhere middle in original and this will be a great effect.

    Tinted B&W version is not that bad but I prefer normal B&W.

  9. I love the sepia tone! Next to that would be the blurred version if you had kept the faces sharp. The first color shot has too much contrast for my taste.

    ps Thanks for your nice comments on my annaversary post

  10. Love the black and white and I might even like the black and white with the soft focus! Gorgeous shot!

  11. Soft tone is least favorite since it looks blurred to me. Like the top and the bottom. Have fun!

  12. Thanks for all the comments. I learned a lot from your suggestions and will try some of them.

    I like the sepia best too. I don't particularly like the blurred effect either but since it is popular for wedding photos I thought I'd give it a try.

    This has definately been a learning experience.

  13. Hi Faye
    I like the B & W and the Sepia version. The color version is really nice though it seems just little bit off in the skin tones?? Could be just my monitor. :) It looks a little too red and too blue if that is possible...The soft focus is ok but maybe a square crop?? and just a little more detail on their faces? Is his shirt suppose to be blue??? Just wondering.. :) :) :) The B & W is nice but for some reason seems to lose the details that are found in the sepia version. It is a cute shot and I do like their expressions.. Maybe you could crop the bottom just a little more to remove the little part of his and her hand ??? But then again... what the heck do I know... not much.. Overall the shot makes me smile when I look at it and that is what I like the most about it. :) :) :)

  14. I love the first one! So beautiful!

  15. Faye...I know this is an older post but the different versions caught my eye. For me it is the black and white...it is a perfect subject for this...that's my favorite...also a very good picture and pose no matter what the effect!