Jul 16, 2007


This is not my photo. I picked it up on Google Images. Just needed something to represent slowness :)

I didn't realize my blog took so long to load. I'm open to suggestions on what I can do to make it faster. Does multiple photos in one post slow it down? Or is it the country counter?

Salty, I can't imagine you being patient enough to wait 15 minutes for it to load! Does my Wildlife Safari blog take as long to download? It doesn't have the countries counter.

Do others have a slow download of the site too?



  1. Using Safari (2.04 Fr) it's not the fastest blog, but I can endure it (maybe too many pix to load on the same page).

  2. Hummm un feuilleté d'escargot c'est delicieux ;o)

    Hummm a cake of snail they is delicious ;O)

  3. For me your blog is not slow to load
    It depends the connection of your visitors
    Some blogs are much slower

    You may let less pictures on your blog
    And change the color of your back ground
    The black colour does it slower to load. White or gray are beautiful colours too
    Maybe too remove the flags in the right side

    This snail's picture is net. The snail is beautifully black like your background
    Our French snails are rather braun or beige...

    (I like to look at your pictures and your posts, and yet I don't put any comment. I must apologize for that)

  4. Your blog loads fast for me to view it. Must be the picture size possibly and when you do the multiple photos. Mine takes long too when I do about four. By long...for me..I mean a minute....probably no more than that.

  5. Like the others have said, the number of pics you have is slowing it down. Just like how pictures take up so much memeory space, they also take up the same amount of web space. You could try having less posts on your home page. You may not want to do that because people won't be able to see as many days of posts without heading to the archives. But it would speed things up a bit. No matter what, I'll wait for your stuff to load.

  6. Faye,
    You're loading fast today. You usually only take a moment or two for me on DSL.

    I don't think it's multiple images. You use the same pixel resolution that we all do. I also don't think it's the color of your background, that shouldn't effect loading times.

    Could it be that you images are linked to "Flicker"? I don't know.

  7. It is fast for me Faye...I love this image. I cant wait to use my macro lens!

  8. Faye, there are days when the pics have loaded a little slow for me. Tongight it didn't at all. I just thought it must be Flicker.

    As someone said....your pictures are always worth waiting for. :)

    15 minutes?? Well, maybe not. lol

  9. Thanks for all the information. I'm going to leave this post up for another day.

    I may try taking out the country counter. I can live without that. :)

  10. I love the macro of the snail. Not fond of snails but this is pretty cool.

  11. Faye,
    Thank you sooo much for your concern. Of course my connection has a great deal to do with my slow loads. I don’t believe it is your background or the country counter as they come up quickly.

    My guess would be with the link to flicker as the photos are what take the time. I have also noticed that if I visit your blog daily that it loads quicker because this keeps my temporary internet files more up to date. Rest assured no mater how long it takes to load you’re great shots are worth it

  12. I forgot to mention, Wildlife Safari load slow for me also.

  13. pour la recette (mais en français desole) voir Feuillete d'escargot"

  14. With cable ISP, now problems at all. You load quickly.

  15. You load fast enought for me!!