Aug 7, 2007

My Own Butterfly...Finally

Some of you might remember my "fake" butterfly last month. This one is my very own though. The first decent shot I've ever had of a real live butterfly. Isn't it beautiful?

If you want to see my "fake" butterfly, click on the butterfly link below.

My Butterfly...finally


  1. Congratulations and well done. You captured the detail so well. My camera isn't fast enough to do this type of work.

  2. Une belle macro ce papillon, il a de superbe couleur. belle photo

    Beautiful macro a this butterfly, it has superb color. beautiful photograph

  3. Really a nice shot. Congratulations.

  4. very pretty..and i remember your fake butterfly. I liked that one too. :)

    i have never captured a butterfly either...wonder if my first will ever look this great!!!!

  5. Stunning capture of Monarch Butterfly sitting on a Black-Eyed Susan! Congratulations!

    Across the Field is an awesome study in contrast, the different shades of grass separated by the dark road and all of this contrasting with the dark sky. Excellent composition as well!

    In my Dreams is a wonderful title for the flowers and shed. It truly has a dreamy quality and would be terrific framed.

    Faye, as always, your work amazes me!

  6. My favorite butterfly! You are so good. dar

  7. Yes! This butterfly is VERY beautiful. Awesome, and captured in this lovely photo. They are so flitty and temporal in the garden. This is great.

  8. This is just toooo awesome. I have never been able to capture on yet. WOW.. good job!! :) :)

  9. You finally found "your" butterfly. It was just your turn. :) Superb butterfly and a superb capture.

    Good things come to those............