Aug 30, 2007

New Phenomenon

We all know about the crop circles that mysteriously appear in farmer's fields around the world but not many people know about a strange phenomenon that takes place in Stewart Park in Roseburg, Oregon during the summer months. Every Tuesday morning starting about 6am, blankets and quilts start popping up on the ground on a hill in the park. They start early and by 9am the hill is covered in a colorful patchwork design.

Saving Places2

The ground covering remains on the hill all day, rain or shine.


By 6pm that evening, people rush to their saved spots on the hill to watch the Tuesday night summer concert, Music On The Half Shell.

This tradition has been going on for 16 years, almost as long as the free summer concerts have been going on. People used to start showing up in the middle of the night to stake their spot with a blanket but the parks department said they have to wait until dawn now.

It says a lot about our small town that few blankets are ever taken even though they are left there all day and no one is there to watch them. People even leave folding chairs out.


  1. Wow, that is so fascinating. A great photo op and a chance to hear some good music too.

  2. I forgot to ask, which quilt was yours?

  3. I thought it was some sort of quilting contest - duh. Makes for very colourful pictures.

  4. haha!!! I could not have guessed that's what those quilts are for..i thought someones was drying his/her ginormous collection on grass....

    this is what i love blogging for :)

  5. That's a patchwork quilt that I'd like to add to - and then to have music to feed the soul (and probably some food for the tummy too).

  6. Vraiment surprenant

    Really surprising

  7. Faye, this is so interesting. You know my mind....I'm wondering if blankets ever get stolen during the day. I'd like to think not, and that Music On The Half Shell in the park makes better people. :) A great photo op, for sure.

  8. Thanks, Faye, for sharing the uniqueness you spy all around you.

  9. The mushroom circles are the result of the growing of the seed and roots from the middle, the first mushroom...

    These curtains on the ground are colourful and all of them make a nice landscape

    In my Vosges mountains, in the past, we put the sheets on the meadow to dry them...
    The oxygen coming from the grass give a good smelling and beautiful colours...

  10. What a fascinating practice. Wonder how long it's been going on and how it started?

  11. Wow, this is so cool to read about and witness....

    Just catching up after being away.

    I've missed your daily photos.