Sep 11, 2007

Ouida Frances Grider 1923-2002

Mama died 5 years ago today.. so I made goulash. It just seemed like a good thing to do. Mom always made good goulash and it always reminds me of her. I miss her so very much today.



  1. beau montage, et bel hommage.

    beautiful assembly, and beautiful homage.

  2. Faye, your Mama radiates joy, confidence and strength.

  3. You had a lovely Mum...I hope the goulash is good! {{HUGS}}

  4. Faye, Your photo tribute to your mother is appreciated especially by those of us who have lost loved ones. How wonderful that you have photos to cherish, and I'm glad that you posted those for all to see. I shall think of your mother every year because as you know, it's my birthday as well. I remember well when my own mother died and how difficult it was even as the years went by. I still mourn the fact that I cannot recall the sound of her voice. Does that bother you, too?

  5. a touching tribute to your mom, Faye....hugs from my end.

  6. I used to love mom's goulash too. And her corn bread. And her vegetable soup.

    She was a beautiful woman...much stronger than even she knew.

    Thanks for these pictures, Faye.

    love, sis

  7. They are always in our hearts never to be forgotten.

    I understand completely. Among the many things Mom taught me was to love and cherish the simple joys in life and her lessons will never be forgotten. She passed those same lessons on to my niece Amy (Ash's Eye)and they show to this day in the images she chooses for her blog.

    Thanks for sharing such a lovely tribute!

  8. Thanks everyone for your comments.

    Kate, I had to think about it after I read your comment but, I guess I'm lucky, because I do remember the sound of her voice both speaking and singing.

    I am fortunate to have some recordings of her singing.. I think I'll listen to them tonight.

    Nita.. and the fried chocolate pies. Do you remember them? I've never been able to make anything to compare to them.

  9. Yes, I remember the fried chocolate pies.

    Mom was never happier than when she had all her kids there and everyone was singing. That brought her so much joy. I remember watching her face while she sang. Always smiling. Almost right to the end. Our mom was a very special lady.

  10. Wonderful tribute Faye for a beautiful lady.

    My mom died when I was just 34 and she was 60, about 22 years ago. I still miss her and it is a little hard to remember her voice although she loved to play honky tonk on the piano, by ear. I still remember that!