Oct 17, 2007

Camas Valley Fog

I could never get tired of seeing foggy country scenes. This was taken near a tiny community in Oregon.. Camas Valley, the same community as Monday's fog shot.

Fog and Fence


  1. Lovely Faye and I really like that fence in the foreground.
    As usual I think your photos are great.

  2. Such FLAT land. The fence makes the picture too. Beautiful!

  3. You have such a wonderful eye for lanscape. I love this!

  4. I agree with CG...wonderful eye, and this is a great photo. Makes me want to travel.


  5. Nor will I ever get tired of your fog/landscape pics, Faye ......beautiful place and I will be traveling in those parts soon :)

  6. Faye,
    Another excellent photograph. It reminds me so much of the lower end of Cades Cove in Great Smokies National Park that it is uncanny. Even the fence looks much the same, just the gate is different.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. In reference to your comment about the deer being shot, I think the only thing that saved me was that there was a barn behind me and he probably didn't want to shoot into it, but I have found bullets holes in it a time or two, so some are not above shooting into a building. If he had leveled down then, I think I would have came from behind the bales screaming at him and took the situation from there.

  7. oh the rolling fog
    and the lovely detailed fence

  8. Faye-I really love this shot! That fog just brings everything in close...and it sort of gives me a chill.
    I've been away from your beautiful photography for far too long! Seeing them again is like unwrapping gifts at Christmas....
    and I'm not talking about the socks and underwear gifts!