Oct 7, 2007

What I Found on The Beach - A Dead Crab

This baby didn't make it. Not pretty but dead critters are always part of a walk on the beach. This one was tiny. The shell wasn't more than an inch across.

Dead Crab on Oregon Beach


  1. Lots of things in life don't make it and most people prefer not to think about it. I saw a squirrel here that has something wrong with its balance mechanism. It might be the beginnings of distemper but lord I hope not as that stuff is nasty and can kill a whole population of wildlife.

    Anyway, I like your photograph. and think the black and whtie makes it look lots better than color would. With color I would be looking for the smell.

  2. that's my zodiac sign lying senseless there!!!!

  3. Survival of the fittest...Makes an interesting photo Faye.

  4. une surprenante nature morte, belle photo b&w

    one surprising still life, beautiful photograph b&w