Oct 2, 2007

OK.. the Mirror Reflection photo WAS flipped. I thought one of you would figure it out from the moss on the left side :)

Still at Shore Acres...

This plant fascinated me. The "fruit" looks like rose hips but they are HUGE... probably the size of a US quarter across. But if they are rose bushes there were no faded flowers left anywhere on the plant and it seemed like there should have been. Anyone know what this is?

Rose Hips

Rose Hips 2


  1. une pieuvre rouge ;o) belle macro

    a red octopus ;O) beautiful macro

  2. I haven't a clue Faye. It must be in the rose hip family. Nasty thorns on it too.
    Well you got me with your reflection. I coouldn't ell which way was up. Good job.

  3. I couldn't tell either!! And I don't know what this plant is..

  4. i told you, i could just not make out which side is which :)

    and what a lovely red here.....i have no idea what this is ...:(

  5. I have no idea what your pretty red fruit is, never seen anything like it im my area.

    Neat trick with the reflection! I still haven't figured out how to tell by the moss, but the shadow on the pine branch gives it away although I would'nt have noticed if you had not told on yourself :)

  6. Well, since the moss clue would not have helped, I would have remained clueless, even with that information. I like the thorns and also the macro on today's post.