Nov 4, 2007

Friends.. 2 legged and 4 legged


I logged in to my blog after not being here for a few days and what a wonderful surprise I received. I won’t say I’m amazed at the outpouring of love and caring I read in your comments, because I already knew you are a great group of kind, caring folks. But I can tell you that your caring touches me deeply. Thank you all so much.

An update on my health situation… I found out that I do have some unusual form of cancer. I go out of town to a specialist on Friday this week. From what I hear this Dr is the best in her specialty. I will be scheduled for surgery shortly after this appointment.

My local Dr tells me that if I have to have cancer, uterine cancer is the best to have and as long as its contained within my uterus its 90-95% curable. So, even though the “C” word is scary, I really do expect the surgery to get rid of it all.

Yesterday I drove out to visit with some old friends I haven’t seen for awhile. I always feel good after visiting these friends. I think the following photos will show you why.

Curious Giraffe
Mama and Baby Guanaco
Hungry Camel
Majestic Elk


  1. Faye I'm so glad you are in good spirits!
    These 4 legged friends are gorgeous! Wonderful shots!

    And your 2 legged blogging friends will always be here for you for support!

  2. Such great photos. You sound very positive and am so pleased the outllok is hopeful. Much love J xx

  3. Gladto read you and it sounds like you are up to the "challenge" mentally....

    I have a feeling all will be well... and when you are seeking out such beauty in life to photograph just remember the beauty within you....


  4. Ahhh, Faye. It's really good to see you back with the animals. Your photos of them always make me think that you are so respectful and intuitive of who they are. It shows in what you share with us.

    I know things will be ok. When this trial is over, knowing you, you will look for what you could not have discovered in any other way. And you'll find it. luv u.

  5. Faye, its so good to have you back. You know you have our love and support. I'll be praying for you.
    Even the giraffe looks like he wants to give you a big kiss.

  6. I love your photos Faye. Your friends might well be able to sense your medical condition. I guess you knew that?

    My wife has had breast cancer twice. Ten years apart and in each breast. She just finished the surgery and treatments for it this past April. What a long ordeal it was too.

    She will have to take a chemo drug for at least 5 years.

    I think a lot of the solution is related to your thoughts about your condition. I like to think that Patty had a good attitude about her repeat cancer and that it somehow helps in the solution.

    We will certainly be thinking positive thoughts for you.

    Take care of yourself.

    I did post some hummingbird photos yesterday at my website linked below.


  7. Hi, Faye,

    Friends like these are a great comfort, looks like they were more than willing to ham it up for you and your camera :)

    Sending positive thoughts your way ...


  8. Hi Faye,
    I am glad to know that thing is curable�! And am happy to see that you have facing this challenge with a great spirit�Hats Off! My best wishes are always with you and am praying from bottom of my heart. I am sure you will be perfect very very soon�it�s just the matter of some time and few medicines, that�s it and you will be okay then.
    Sending over tons if wishes�.!!

  9. Faye, you are a brave , brave woman...though i know you for a short while through our blogs, i know for sure that, that positive attitude of yours must have taken care of you all your life and will continue to!!! hugs from your two-legged friend and i simply adore your four legged ones...:)

  10. Add my name to the legions of bloggers who are thinking of you and hoping for the best possible outcome. You know that I continue to light candles for you, and I'll light a BIG one for you next Friday. Olivia loves your animals so we'll revisit your blogs and wait patiently for more!!

  11. During our fearful moments we need to be in the company of placid friends. You turned to some wonderful ones, Faye.

    I'm pleased the doctor has a good reputation and that you have an appointment already. Know that I'm thinking of you.


  12. I am glad to know that you find this now and it's curable. Good luck for operation and I hope things are all goes well.

  13. Hi Faye, Glad to see that you posted some awesome shots. Of course all your shots are awesome!! :) :) Glad to hear that you are in a positive mode and really it does make a huge difference. I shall be thinking positive thoughts for you and saying prayers as well. Take care. Aloha, Renee :)

  14. Flowers Lima will get you all your gift baskets to Peru I like these guys.

  15. Faye, it's easy to tell why you love these four-legged friends--their wonderfully expressive-selves, which isn't exactly correct wording but who cares!

  16. Great series of shots. I especially like the elk as I am fascinated by them.

    Best wishes and I'm sure your positive attitude and love for photography will help you through your time of trouble.