Aug 2, 2008

Broken but Beautiful

Broken and Bent

I imagine a hard wind broke this tree off, but even whats left standing is beautiful. This stands near Cape Arago on the Oregon Coast.

I softened the edges to add an artsy look.

I'll be out of town tomorrow night. See you Monday.


  1. It is a nice artsy photo, Faye. I like it.

  2. OH, this is nice! I think the softened edges are PERFECT for this!!

    PS - I am soooooo happy you are back to blogging!!

  3. Nice photo, Faye! Beautiful that softened effect!

    Have a nice Sunday!

  4. It is beautiful, Faye, proves that beauty is not in perfection. Welcome back to the blogging world, hope you are doing well.

  5. Faye, I love this artsy shot. The soft edges are perfect for the rugged tree. You have a great eye and style.
    Have fun this weekend. Looking forward to your post on Monday.

  6. Terrific work Faye!

    The effect works perfectly giving this image of a dreamy appearance, excellent composition and lighting also.

    It is wonderful to have you back; I really missed your inspirational work.

  7. Very artsy I agree. I'm so glad you are back sharing photos again!

  8. I love this photo. The softness looks as if it could be mist or fog. You are such a story teller with your photos, Faye. Nita