Aug 5, 2008

Even More Obliging

.... so I went back to the pond where I found the obliging turtle from Friday's post and there he/she was again in an even better pose... or maybe it was another family member. A few friends were hanging out too.
Another Obliging Turtle

Turtle Family
This shot has a blur in the right bottom corner but I decided that showing the whole family was worth the blurred corner.


  1. bien vu ces deux photos, avec les tortues, j'adore

    saw these two photos, with turtles, I love

  2. Oh these are fantastic!! This looks like a FABULOUS place to take pictures!
    And they look like such a happy family!!

  3. Love the "family Portrait". Great composition and pose in the first shot. Glad you went back.

  4. Ai quem me dera agitar o tempo
    Atirar a mágoa à voragem da noite
    Arrancar as raízes ao pensamento
    Sentir a paz que uma lagoa acolhe

    Boa férias

    Mágico beijo

  5. Great turtle shots! What part of Oregon are you, Eastern? I'm over by Salem and we no longer have (many) turtles like this that I can find any way.

  6. awww!!!! they are gonna love you when they see this family portrait!!! :DD

  7. i have been browsing through your beautiful photography. what a great eye you have. love your pix!