Aug 26, 2008

Little House in the Valley

Old Homestead

This little house is in a valley, not on a prarie. Wouldn't we like to know the stories of the people who lived here. This is part of an old homestead near a little town not far from here, Oakland Oregon.


  1. Faye. this is incredible. I get emotional about houses such as this. I'd love to know the history, the story of those who lived in it through the years. Nita

  2. I like the texture to this image.

  3. Fabulous texture! Great work Faye!!

  4. So beautiful.

    I believe an old man continued to live there after his wife died.

    He loved his bourbon and every afternoon, about the same time he and his wife would have had a cup of coffee on the porch, he would pour his coffee and add a little boubon and sit there and remember when he had someone in his life who loved him.

    Then he would walk in, rinse out the cup, place it on the sink, put a little music on the old record player and dance as if she was still his partner.

    It was a sad lonesome sight to Mabel who lived down the road and would come peek in the windows.

    Finally she discovered that YES indeed she did have enough nerve to go a' courting him.

    She introduced herself, they went for quiet walks and he eventually moved into her place down the road.

    They still come over once in awhile and sit on the porch together while she patiently listens to him talk about his first wife. She loves him that much to allow that.

  5. You can't look at this evocative image without wanting to know its history.

  6. Great story, Sandy. I could see them as you wrote. You and Faye should do a coffee-table book together. You adding short stories to Faye's amazing pics. Set it up, I'll publish it.

    Great picture, Faye. Your building shots are my favorite.

  7. Sandy, I'm so glad you put words to this. Like Sam, I could see it as I read it. His name was Earl and his wife was Evelyn.

    Evelyn and Mabel had been good friends.

    At times recently Mabel had felt, sometimes even heard, Evelyn's quiet whisper. "He's lonely.. so are you. Go to him Mabel. He needs you and you need him"

    I'm so glad Mabel found the courage to approach Earl.

  8. Thanks Sam. I love to spontaneously write stuff once in awhile..

    FAye: I love what you added...just perfect!! Of course...Evelyn would whisper and nudge Mabel to give solace to Earl...perfect.

    that was fun!!!

  9. So glad I browsed around a bit and snooped around. You have a wonderful eye and sentiment for subject. Hope you won't mind me ghosting around some of your future discoveries.