Aug 4, 2008

Where I was yesterday

Recently our daughter remarried and moved to Tennessee. Her son, our 9 year old grandson, Raymon, stayed in Oregon with his daddy for a few weeks. Yesterday we took him up to Portland to catch a plane to be with his mom and her new family.


We had a lot of fun on the trip up.


Raymon has been a close, almost daily part of our lives since he was born. Its going to be a big adjustment for us.. and for him too.


Raymon's Papa stood with his back to me so I wouldn't see his tears as he watched the sunrise and waited for the plane to take off.

We're really going to miss that kid.


  1. Faye, I can well imagine how you are going to miss your grandson! They are gifts from heaven, aren't they? I hope that you'll be able to see him often during vacations.

    Great photos to capture his energetic personality!

  2. un futur cascadeur ton petit-fils

    a future stunt your little son

  3. It goes without saying but this is a sad time. I am sure there will be others just as rewarding.

    We miss our grandchildren when they come and go and even miss the pets they leave here and then take home.

    A really nice set of photographs.

  4. Great shots of your grandson! I am sure you will miss him, but hopefully you will see him soon.

  5. Lots of emotion in these photographs....especially the last one. What a handsome grandson you have!

  6. Yes, I agree with Kerri, you catch lots of emotions in these pictures...
    Raymon looks beautiful and adorable! I hope you will see him very soon.
    A big hug to you.

  7. Me again... thank you so much for the link to my blog! I LOVE it!

  8. Faye!!! I know the feeling, when our "Hunt" at the time he was
    4 moved to Texas. That was so hard for us to see him go, he lived here for awhile...but then he moved back a year later.

    That one photo of "Papa" looking away is so poignant.

  9. What aching emotional pictures Faye. So beautiful and so touching.
    Wish I was there to give you a hug.

  10. great photos of your grandson Faye and i can imagine how much you will miss him... it's hard, i know.... the photo with Papa is very touching... i wish i could say something that would make it better.... you will be together again and oh, what a wonderful feeling!

    my son & family came for a visit, they were only here for 2 days... i got to be with my 2 granddaughters that i haven't seen in a year.... it was so hard to see them go.... i cried that day, for sure..... and the next... they live so far away.

    Faye, on my blog here & there you have an Award, i so enjoy your blog and have included you in my list.... i hope you don't mind..

    take care

  11. Wow! The last image has a heart wrenching story. Good capture!!