Sep 19, 2008

A Funny Cow Story

I just got my new computer set up and haven't even got all the photos I took on my trip downloaded yet. I didn't want to miss out on Camera Critters so I'm doing a repeat from a post from a year or so ago.

Its a fun post and I think its worth repeating though.

Sunday I was driving near Camas Valley, Oregon and stopped to take a shot
of an old falling down house and barn.

house and barn1

As I was clicking away, a cow at the other end of the field looked up to see what I was doing
house and barn2

and came to stare at me from the other side of the fence.
house and barn3

Soon other cows came to see what the first cow and I were doing
house and barn4

and they stared at me too... and started mooing.
By this time I was laughing and clicking..
house and barn5

The more cows came.. the more cows stared.. the more cows mooed...the more I laughed
house and barn6

When I finally drove away there was a whole herd of cows standing by the fence
staring at me and mooing.

house and barn final

And I'm sure people in Camas Valley are still wondering who that strange lady was standing by the road laughing like a mad woman and taking photos of ordinary cows.

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  1. WOW! You could be a Cow Whisperer!
    That is SOOOOO Funny! I wonder if they thought you had some food for them :)

    PS - so glad you are back to posting!!

  2. I remember this one. It made me laugh then as it does now. I wonder what they thought you could do for them? Maybe they just wanted their portraits done...
    Fun stuff and I'm glad you got your computer up and running. Welcome back from your trip. Looking forward to those pictures.

  3. least you had fun,right? :) I so can relate to you though about taking photos and never minding everyone! Mine is here. Happy CC!~

  4. Too cute! Cows are curious creatures.

    Thanks for doing a re-run on this. I wasn't reading any sort of blogs at all at the time of your first post and I would have missed out entirely!

  5. Great shots - I love old barns and the cows that go with them!

  6. Haha. You were probably the (only) highlight of their day. They enjoyed your visit.
    And YOU enjoy that new computer!

  7. This is great. I'd have been standing there laughing with you!

  8. Welcome Back! I Missed You :)

    Love the photo story. Have you seen those commercils where the cows talk to each other in that "Fargo" movie accent? I could hear these girls doing that.

  9. Wow, look how many showed up! That's hilarious. You were a major excitement for their day! lol

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who takes pictures of old barns on the side of the road. lol

  10. That is a funny story maybe the cows were people watching.The mooing may have been them laughing at you.

  11. wow! wonderful set of photos, they love the picture taking, very beautiful...

  12. no way!! hawha!!! that is too funny!!

    by the way, thanks for visiting my blog...

  13. I had to laugh all the time! It's so funny!!! Thanks for these pictures! Have a great weekend.

  14. You really made me laugh!!

  15. Really great images!
    I'd say it was near feeding time and they were waiting for someone to come by.
    Great story and fun post.

  16. wow...lots of cows in here.

    Please drop at my CC post also: in HERE. Thanks

  17. Wow, Faye, this is great!!!

  18. This was fun. I am glad that you were able to stop laughing long enough to get these pictures.

    Good luck with your new computer.

  19. Faye, the people in Camas know who you are. Welcome back and glad to see you brought the cows home!

  20. It has been awhile since I've seen so many cows. Happy CC! Mine's up here.

  21. Funny, that made me laugh too! :)
    Some incidents are unforgettable.

  22. Being raised on a farm with cattle, I can guess they probably thought they were going to get fed.

  23. That's funny story but you are not crazy believe me. My hubby laugh at me all the time because I have to take pictures of everything including cows.

  24. There's nothing wrong with standing around taking photos of perfectly ordinary things. How many wish there were photos of all the animals that are now extinct? They were perfectly ordinary at one time and now they're gone :(

  25. what were you wearing ??hahah sandy

  26. You heard "Moo", but what they were really saying was "Food... Woman, we want Food" hehehe