Sep 27, 2008



This is George. He was born in Africa. This encounter was one of the reasons I first fell in love with the animals at Wildlife Safari. It was an emotional few minutes, at least from my perspective. I had stopped to look at him and was struck by the fact that he was not only looking at me too, but looking straight into my eyes. I can't explain the feeling. I got the impression of a wise, but sad, old man who had something to tell me.. who needed me to understand.

I get goosebumps again just writing about it.

I was so touched by this encounter that I went home and attempted to write down what I felt.


Look at me
he whispered silently
not with words
but with his eyes

see me…
he drew me in
I couldn’t pass him by

What might he have to say?

he looked at me with eyes
that could see into my soul
listen to me, he pleaded
let me show you what I know

he held me captive with wizened eyes
chains as strong as the iron bars between us

he spoke to me of freedom
he showed me carefree days
spent on dusty plains…
watering holes…torrid rain

I felt the elation
of running with the herd

as he spoke to me of yearning
I began to understand
that he was home…
yet his spirit longed
for things that might have been

hear me, he spoke silently
please…. just know who I am.

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  1. Excellent posting!!! Nice image and nice colors.
    Good imagination.
    Have a nice weekend.

  2. Very nice elephants are so awesome.Thanks for dropping by my site

  3. I had a dolphin do that to me, at sea off Turkey back in 1957. It is a very moving experience.

  4. Did you wonder what he was thinking while looking at you?Neat shot!

  5. the poem is amazing faye! I copied it to keep.

    I love elephants. All their sweet sad slowness and their deep eyes. And they have such big and good hearts.

  6. George is very sweet.

    And I really love your poem. Have you read it to him?

  7. What a great postand poem! Love the elephant :0)

  8. It's such a pity that I can't see the photo, but the way you describe this animal is so lovingly that I think it is really a great tribute to whatever animal it is. Sorry I see only a black emptiness. Thank you so much for the visit.

  9. Great photo, real eye contact.

  10. I would say you should go back and see him again. Watch him and see if he recognizes you. He probably will and it will be quite an experience for him because he will know you saw him and what he was trying to tell you.

    Wonderful experience and photo.

  11. Look at those eyes. I can't blame you for feeling something. He is too cute and expressive.

  12. A great photo!
    I had goosebumps reading your poem - well written.

  13. Faye: Thanks for letting us go along with the meeting of George. What a great poem.

  14. Oh Faye you are such a sweetie and George is awesome. Thanks for being my friend.

  15. beautiful picture and words to go with it. I can definitely see the attraction to him.

  16. Your photo of George is beautiful and the poem is lovely. Wonderful post!

  17. Just amazinf, Faye. I had the same "close encounter" with a lion. It's hard to describe how I felt as we looked into each other but your poem goes a long way towards expressing how I felt.

  18. What a moving, and beautiful entry. The photo of George is haunting...

    My entry is here

    Thank you for stopping by earlier :)

  19. major meeting - you are right sandy

  20. I think Sue's word haunting says it all. Faye, you really gave me a lump in my throat. First the fabulous photo and then reading your poem. needs to be published. Congratulations on having the local news feature you too. Awesome.

  21. Wow! Just amazing picture, Faye! Love your poem to George!

    Last but not least I would like to thank you for your nice words on my blog anniversary. I am very glad with your friendship!

  22. I've come back just now, and now I see him! He is gorgeuos and indeed he has very special eyes.

  23. Excellent post and wonderful photograph. I love how you captured so much detail and feeling with this shot.

  24. Absolutely spectacular post! The photo is awesome and the poem is superb! This post is a truly great one!

  25. Cute. What a lovely photo. I like the framing of this shot, too. It's very dynamic. and use of space is very effective.

  26. What a fantastic post and photo!!

    oh wow.

  27. I know exactly how you felt when George stared directly into your eyes. I've had the same thing happen to me with a number of critters. Nice post.

  28. Love the picture of George and what he had to say to you!


  29. Amazing poem and picture. You have some amazing photos on your blog. A true inspiration

  30. oh my!!!!! he's adorable. Elepehants are my fav. animals...they have that tender, gentle giant feel about your ode to George, Faye. Beautiful post, through and through :)

  31. Hi Faye, I found my way here from Sandy's blog and I'm so glad I checked out the link she posted. I adore animals so, naturally, I love your photo but your poem just blew me away. How beautiful that your souls connected...just beautiful. A very moving post.