Sep 28, 2008

A Persistent Tree

These beautiful rocks are somewhere on Highway 101 on the Oregon Coast but I don't remember which town they are near. If you look at the tiny gull on the top right you can see how large these rocks are.


I had this post up for a bit Saturday before I remembered it was Camera Critter day, so you may have seen it briefly.


  1. I think I prefer that to the Lone Cypress!

  2. impressionnant, il résiste cet arbre. Superbe photo

    impressive, it resists this tree. Superb picture

  3. I love the light highlighting the rocks.
    I think we stopped where you took this picture but I can't for the life of me remember where it was..perhaps outside Lincoln City?
    Where ever it is, I love it. It would make a nice shot for a calendar.

  4. This looks like a magical spot. I don't mean just special, but Fantasy magical.

  5. I agree with Firefly. Magical. Beautiful photo.