Sep 11, 2008

Updated Update

I still don't have my computer. They said I should receive it between the 10th and 12th so I expect it will come tomorrow..... BUT... starting tomorrow I will be gone for almost a week.

Tomorrow I'm driving up to Portland to spend a couple days with my dear friend Darlene
from Dar's Foto Faze She has found some great places for us to take photos while I'm there like ancient cemeteries and areas with old barns. I'm excited!

Monday and Tuesday I am at a conference in Seaside on the Oregon coast. Can you imagine having to hang out in this beautiful ocean town for two whole days? But I am getting paid for it so I'll just try to make the most of it... sigh.

Then I'm taking another day or two to drive back down the coast stopping at every wide spot in the road to take more photos.

I should come back relaxed and refreshed with all my cards full of photos. Then when I get my new computer set up I can check out what you have all been up to.

See you Thursday or Friday next week.


  1. Yeah. you'll be back on line....

    and good for you, sounds like a lot of us are taking a breather and respite.

    Have great fun Faye and I know your photos will be gorgeous.

  2. have a wonderful trip, I envy you

    hopefully your new PC will be sitting there waiting for you, I miss your photos

  3. Hey Faye is coming for a visit!

  4. Have a great trip and have fun, Faye! I am looking forward to see your beautiful photos!

  5. Tough job but someone has to do it...enjoy your "work" and come back refreshed. I can't wait to see all your new pictures. Yours will be worth the wait.

  6. Have a nice trip. Can';t wait to see your new set of old barns shots!

  7. Looking forward to the new pics and your return.

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  9. Missing you Faye, but I'm sure you'll have LOTS of FAB photos to share! Can't wait!! Wishing to safe travels!!!

  10. Have a great trip and it will be great to see your photos on your return.

  11. Frágil e palpitante luz
    A beleza é feita de ternos murmúrios
    A voz quebra a quietude do silêncio
    A chuva leva a terra ao encontro dos rios

    Não há fracassos no sonho
    Caminhei nas nuvens para te ver do alto
    Abri os braços ao relâmpago
    Desci à terra, senti nos pés o frio basalto

    Vem comigo escolher o caminho

    Mágico beijo

  12. You take the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen. You bring to life the animals you shoot and regular trees have character when you capture them. I look every day at some photos that I bought from you and I feel joy. Thanks Faye