Oct 8, 2008

...and another Rose After The Rain...

I just got home after 3 loooong days of workshops. I heard some great and inspirational speakers and learned of some new and inovative ideas for social services. I am newly enthusiastic but tired so at the risk of boring you with the same subject, I'm going to post one more rose and get to bed.

Another Rose After The Rain


  1. Lovely and such a gentle shade of pink. I can almost smell the fragrence from here.
    Hope you rest well. Sounds like a conference worth attending.

  2. sounds like you're a good tired

    I could never tire of those roses.

  3. Nothing wrong with another rose. Have a good rest.

  4. Wonderful rose, Faye!
    I hope you have a good rest.

  5. delicate beauty.......as beautiful as they come :)