Oct 29, 2008

Just Fall Leaves

Just a boring photo of fall leaves. Still crazy busy but it should end soon and I'll get back to posting and commenting regularly.

Just Leaves


  1. Cool pic. Nothing boring about it. I love fall colours. Pity we don't see much of it here because most of our trees are evergreen. On the other hand, its spring so we don't see any fall stuff at the moment. That's what I like about blogs, you get to experience stuff you may not see every day where you live.

  2. "just" - you make me laugh

    for most shutter bugs it would be their finest moment ;)

    I am still such a kid - I love to swish thru the leaves as I walk!!

    It feels great and the sound is wonderful

  3. You may say "just" but they are sure beautiful even if they are just leaves.
    Don't work yourself to the bone Faye. Post and comment when you can. I love your work and so i will continue to check what you post.

  4. Fall leaves are NEVER boring! One of my most favorite things!!
    These are beautiful at the bottom of the tree trunk!

  5. LOVE these fall leaves and the color is gorgeous! Great picture, Faye!

  6. your "boring" is "beautiful" to me Faye :)