Oct 22, 2008

Mud Slinging... Fun Style

First I apologize to Salty and others who have dial up, for so many photos in one post.

These photos were taken last summer. My grandson was looking forward to his base ball game one Saturday but when we got to the field we learned that the game was called because of a huge mud puddle in the middle of the field. He was very disappointed and on the verge of tears until his mom came to the rescue!

My daughter, Christy, is a very hands-on totally-involved mom. She not only doesn't mind muddy/sloppy/yukky things that would have made me cringe when I had young kids.. she encourages them!

So.. not to let this mud puddle ruin the day, she took off her shoes and splashed right into it. Needless to say she was followed by my grandson who quickly forgot his disappointment.


This is my muddy grandson Raymon :)


Most of the other parents were quickly hurrying their kids away before they got wet but the coach, after some convincing, let her kids join the fun.



These kids will remember the fun they had this day MUCH longer than they would ever have remembered the ball game or the disappointment they felt when it was cancelled.

You rock Christy!



  1. hi nice blog, my blog walking ,do the same plz .tnx.

  2. what a beautiful family!!

    my son and I always walked thru puddles and kicked up piles of leaves and went out in the rain

    and even now at 35 he mentions those moments

  3. Terrific daughter Faye and those kids look like they had the time of their lives. As you said, this will be a memory that will be talked about for years to come.

  4. Hehe... now that's more fun than any baseball game that I ever played in when I was little... yayay!! What joy in a big ole mud puddle! You daughter totally rocks!
    Great photos!! =)
    Mountain Retreat- Canada

  5. My wife is very much like you. She would have had a fit. Me, I would have been the one with the kids in the water.
    I love the second pic of the boy in the mud. It is great.
    And yes, they will ratehr remember the day for the fun than the lost game.

  6. Wow great expressive photos...Good job! Cute kids..!

  7. Faye, This is the best group of photos I've seen in ages! Letting kids be kids is terrific!

  8. Lets hear it for the mom who understands the fun to be had with a mud puddle!!!! I bet there are some envious kids in the neighborhood.

    I was never one to keep my kids "spotless" when they were young... but I confess I would have been thinking about the cleanup afterwards. I hope they didn't have to get in a car to get home.

    oh man... what great fun!!!

  9. way cool!!!! loved the pics........reminds me of a quote by ee cummings..."The world is mud-luscious and puddle-wonderful."


    thank you for the lovely set of images....Yes, you rock, Christy!!! :)

  10. LOL! She's one great mom! Would love to join too.

  11. Way to go Christy, you win Mom of the year for that save.

  12. Faye, these are terrific photos. You sure captured the moment. I'm glad you were there with the camera while Christy and the other kids had so much fun. :) It was a treat just to view all these.

    Yep, Christy........you rock, honey!