Jun 25, 2009

Delfino Wine-Tasting Room Photos - Photo 5 & 6

These are the last two of the photos displayed at the Delfino Vineyard Tasting Room.

This photo was taken on the Old Coos Bay Wagon Rd near Roseburg, Oregon

Summer Harvest - Hay Bales

This one shows the gorgeous colors of the Delfino vineyards in fall.

Delfino Vineyard


  1. Such a gorgeous collection. (All 6 photos) The fall colors are wonderful, but the hay is my favorite of the two. I have driven through Oregon many times, but your photos remind me what a stunningly beautiful state it is.

  2. One dimension of this land that done want to know.

  3. Both of your photos are beautiful. You are right, the colors are gorgeous. Have a nice weekend..

  4. superbes couleurs dans la 2e image.

  5. Thanks for sharing these magnificent photos. What lovely color and a part of the U.S. I've never seen before.