Jun 10, 2009

Needful Things Too - Horse Collar

I reckon the horse that wore this collar is long gone.

Horse Collar

Click on the needful things link below to see more cool old stuff.


  1. When you say long gone you obviously don't mean trotted down the road, more like off to a better place. Nice photos

  2. Fantastic details and a stunning composition. WOW...Thomas

  3. I love the collar-- and the wood behind it. Since learning of your blog I've been trying to catch up. You are so gifted. Your blog is a treasure.

    (I've ordered the book you suggested and it shipped yesterday.Thanks again.)~ tricia

  4. I love the subject and the composition.

  5. Love the texture and the feel of this shot. I reckon the horse is long gone too. These pictures could have been taken in Bodie. Don't you just love this type of thing?