Jun 18, 2009

Portland's Peculiar People - Take Two

Adding to yesterday's post.. It seems in parts of Portland there are sidewalk cafes on every block. We were sitting at a red light and I snapped a shot of this little restaurant with people eating out on the sidewalk.

Portland Oregon Sidewalk Cafe

As I was clicking away, this man turned and gave me a who-in-the-hell-do-you-think-you-are look. I couldn't resist... I grabbed one more shot as we drove away and I yelled out the window... "ITS OK.. I'M A TOURIST!" I think my friend, Darlene, would have slinked under the seat if she wasn't driving.

Portland Oregon Sidewalk Cafe - dirty look

When I started editing this last shot, I fell in love with this photo. Two gorgeous people with wonderful expressions. I can't help but think that if they ever did run across this photo they would think they looked pretty good.

Portland Oregon - Beautiful Strangers

One more quick shot and I will leave Portland's Peculiar people in Peace.

Pretty in Purple

So is it wrong to take candid shots of strangers? I don't generally do it. I know its legal to take photos of anyone in a public place but is it right?


  1. Wonderful shots Faye, you captured them well. You are right, the 2 strangers look gorgeous :) .. In my country, I think its legal in public, but I'm not so sure also. Your candid shot is awesome and the Yuki Restaurant is beautiful. Have a great weekend..

  2. I agree your people are beautiful. So are your photos.

  3. I think it would be shocking to stumble upon a photo of yourself that you didn't know about. I don't think it's wrong. It's not like you are stalking them or targeting them or something. Random photos are okay I think.

  4. Great captures of their expressions, and such a wide range of them!

  5. i love this sort of photo! great expressions!

  6. lol @ "I'm a tourist" bit.....isn't street photography all about this?? I am conservative if it's the kids that I am clicking photos of......I wouldn't catch them unawares if their faces are distinct.....and I can see why parents can get so paranoid about it......rest all I think should be okay......that's what tourists do all the time....it's funny how in poorer countries, people more or less smile instantly into the camera if they see "foreigners" clicking pictures....while in richer countries, people often get suspicious or offended ....guess, it must be the lure of the "fancy" camera or it could be something deeper than that....I have often wondered...

  7. Much love on their expressions and your quickness to capture the shot.