Jul 19, 2009

Lion Collage

I have company this weekend and don't have time to post, so I'm moving yesterday's post from my Wildlife Safari blog over here. My apologies to those who are seeing this twice but these animals are so beautiful they deserve a second look.


I was touched by an email I received yesterday from Amy in Virginia. (Hi Amy) Amy and her daughter had watched a pair of lion cubs grow up at their local zoo and had fallen in love with the animals. When more lion cubs were born at the zoo, the two older cubs had to be moved to other wildlife facilities. Amy did a web search to see where the cubs moved to and discovered one was going Wildlife Safari in Winston Oregon and found my Wildlife Safari blog.

In Amy's email she said: "I was wondering if you might be willing to watch over our male lion cub Granby when he arrives at your beautiful wildlife park. I would love to find out how he is doing and see images as he grows"

Of course I look forward to Granby's arrival and will share news and photos of him as I get them.

I decided to put together a collage of some of my favorite Wildlife Safari lion posts so Amy can see how well and happy the lions are here.

Lion Collage1

Lion Collage 2

Lion Collage 3


  1. This is such a beautiful post. These animals are magnificent.

  2. I love lions!! Glad you reposted!

  3. Some of (actually all of) your lion shots are awesome. I love the yawning one.
    The black mane on that male is wonderful.

  4. I love the Lions !! They are so beautiful and powerful..Loved this..Unseen Rajasthan

  5. Those are beautiful, impressive photographs. They are awesome animals.

  6. I shall await, with great anticipation, your photos of Granby.

  7. All great shot Faye and my "pick of the litter" is the yawn, outstanding shot!

  8. There shots are superb. I really love lions. You certainly capture the essence of "lion" here!