Aug 15, 2009

Monkey Business - Camera Critters

This series is a combination of 4 posts I made on my Wildlife Safari blog 3 1/2 years ago. It tells a sweet story about a gibbon ape I have become quite fond of.

Feb 11 2006
You never see this gibbon ape without her stuffed companion. She drags it everywhere. If she needs her hands to climb, she uses her feet to hold her friend.

Sometimes she just sits and hugs it.

Amazingly, she always seems to hold it right side up

Do ya think it needs a good bath? :) Of course it would probably be too traumatic for her if they tried take it away to wash it.

Feb 25 2006
There was a strange happening at the Wildlife Safari today. On Feb 11 I introduced an ape that has a stuffed monkey she carries everywhere. Today she was pulling the stuffing out of him. I think the first bit was an accident.

After awhile she was purposely pulling the stuffing out. She tasted it but evidently didn't like it and then she rubbed it on her face. I'm sure she was confused about what was coming out of her best friend. It's sad because she is going to wonder what happened to it. I hope one of the park employees patches it up for her

I didn't see how it ended. She was just staring at it when I left.
March 4 2006
I am very pleased to bring you the next chapter in the monkey with a monkey saga. Today at the Safari I was delighted to find the stuffed monkey back all puffed and stuffed and in excellent repair. I was even more delighted to find the monkey was swinging her newly recovered friend :)

All is good in the primate world...
April 1 2006 - Exciting news!

Where before there was one ape who carried a stuffed monkey everywhere she went, there are now two apes and no sign of the stuffed monkey. I assume the new one is a male. He is larger than the original ape.

They're still getting to know one another. He spends a lot of time running around, moving close to her and then running around again.

She spends a lot of time putting him in his place :) I expect they will become great friends and mates.
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  1. What a wonderful photo story about this gibbon with her stuphed friend. Delightful! I love a happy ending ... and will look forward to further adventures of this pair.
    Hugs and blessings,

  2. Oh my gosh....this post and all the photos are super wonderful!!!!!

    My Critter is a bit buggy this week. Come see. Happy Saturday.

  3. ahhh these were great! Loved that little gibbon and her toy.

  4. wow what a story!Great post!
    Happy Camera Critters
    purrs and love

  5. What a delightful story, illustrated with great photos.! Thanks for your comment!

  6. This is a great post. Loved the *love* story! Great photos.

  7. They are such intelligent animals that I hate to see them in cages or as pets. I hope this pair forms a lasting bond as it must be wonderful to have a real body instead of a stuffed animal to hold...Michelle

  8. This is a wonderfully, fun story. Great shots...does the story have aa happy ending 2 years later?

  9. Michelle, these two are lucky not to live in a cage. They have a whole little island with all kinds of play toys all to themselves.

    Sue, there is a happy ending. They are settled in like an old married couple these days.

  10. how cool with the stuffed monkey

  11. this is a wonderful story
    and the photos are a delight
    I went thru them several times
    I am so happy she has a live friend now

  12. Everybody needs somebody . . . and if there isn't a real one a stuffed one will do! Why do most children love their stuffed toys and adults (including me) love to hold tedyy bears et cetera that we buy for our babies and grandbabies? It's not just clever merchandising :-)

  13. Nice photos and a funny story with a happy ending.

  14. Thank you for the laugh. Hilarious and so cute the images.

  15. How cute! Our dog has a stuffed dog she drags everywhere. She's ripped the stuffing out so many times! My daughter just fixes it up for her. It's her favorite baby. I threw it away several times, but she always manages to dig it out again.

  16. What a beautiful story and interesting Ape! Wonderful photos!

  17. Faye: That is such a neat capture of the monkey and friend.

  18. What a sweet story and wonderful pictures. It's funny how animals act with stuffed ones, my dog will play with a toy for a long time and then one day she pulls the stuffing out!
    Sunny :)

  19. How wonderful that you live close enough to visit this place regularly. Thanks for sharing the wonder. Great shots.

  20. Wonderful story and shots. It is rather cute!

  21. What a great story, and great pictures!

  22. An interesting post, with a lot of good photos, Faye!

  23. What a great photo-story. Very touching. We all need something or someone to love!

  24. Faye,...really neat photos! I had to take a double look at the first I thought the dark chimp was a stuffed toy as well! Great photos and what a unique photo capture.


  25. You are a great storyteller, Faye, and how wonderful to be able to accomplish it with images.

    Incidentally, I'm vacationing on an Island in Wisconsin, but unfortunately often do not have a strong internet signal. I continue to blog and comment whenever possible!

  26. Oh, I eat the stuffin's out of my stuffed animals & I had to go to the V-E-T! I'm glad that monkey knows better now & that she has a real friend.

  27. Great story! Lovely composition with perfect shots!
    Congratulation to both of them! Wish a happy life together.