Aug 19, 2009

Noble Rot - Get Up Here!

More from my Portland Oregon trip. Portland is known for being "different" and many Portland folks I know pride themselves in being weird. It isn't only the people that are weird.

This restaurant is called Noble Rot and the sign says Get Up Here! Its on the top floor of a large building.

Noble Rot - Get Up Here

The building itself is beautiful and fascinating. It takes up a big part of a block and the windows all around the building have this art work. It looks like it could be an apartment building. I love the building but it makes me wonder if the occupants are ok with the windows being mostly blocked by the art.

Window Art


  1. That is quite an interesting building. Strange name. It look like maybe the artwork is on somekind of a runner so it could be slid out of the way of the window? Well it's certainly cheerful!
    Sunny :)

  2. I love this! I agree the building is both fascinating and beautiful. Great shots.

  3. I love the restaurant sign
    and the building is fascinating

  4. WOW...great picture of a really interesting building. It is like an urban art exhibition!


  5. You know what? I don't know just where this is...I love the shot, and imagine it was an intriguing challenge...Thanks for bringing it to the blog...

  6. Quite an attention grabbing name. I hope the food is better than "Rot". I think you will have to explore the inside of this unique building and find out more for us.

  7. That has got to be one of the strangest buildings I have seen; but I kind of like it!

    I wonder about the food the restaurant serves.

  8. What a fascinating building. My wife and I have been talking extensively about visiting (and possibly living in) Seattle or Portland, and this is one more reason to come to Portland.

  9. That is certainly different, the art work displayed like that, kind of cool actually.