Aug 7, 2009

Orange Sky - SkyWatch Friday

The colors in this sky were amazing. There was nothing close by that the sunset would make a perfect background for, so I just had to snap what was there.. a few lights lights and this tree.
Orange Sky

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  1. A beautiful, magical summer evening.

  2. This is such a beautiful, halloween-y
    sort of sky.
    I wish it were Autumn right now, it is just around the corner though so I shall wait.
    Lovely ,lovely photo with the trees all arms and legs against the glowing sky.
    Thank you!

  3. The color is wonderful and I love the tree--just the right touch. I think your weather and ours has been similar lately.

  4. The lights make the whole photograph come together and make it slightly intriguing. The tree is beautiful, as are the colours!

  5. Sunrise/set photos are my fav pic to take. The colours is extraordinary.

  6. Beautiful! The colors are amazing. I love the composition as well....looking through the branches of the trees.

  7. Beautiful..would be perfect for Halloween background...Loving your photos...always a great visit..